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Quality butter with 82 % butter fat (other butter composition are negotiable). Butter shapes from 1 gram to more than 100 grams. Very fresh by cryogenic gasses; shelf life 15 months at -18 degrees (also non frozen).

Friendly in use, through cryogenic gasses the butter portions don’t stick. So you simple take out of the refrigerator what you need because after 15 minutes the butter is ready for use.

- standard shapes - rolls: 227, 250, 454 and 500 grams, in parchment and alu packaging (fresh or frozen) - sausages: 50, 125, 250, …. grams: all weights are possible - blocks: 2,5 - 5 and 10 kilograms.

Standard flavours: natural, salted, herbs and devil’s butter. Your own preferences in shape, weight and flavor can be developed. Packaging: standard or private label. Packaging is possible from 1 kilo and up. We assure you flexibility concerning minimum purchase.

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